Sandeul Talks About Competing Against Park Hyo Shin And Makes Interesting First Place Promise

B1A4 member Sandeul, who released his first solo album on October 3, opens up about competing with Park Hyo Shin, who also has a song out on the charts.

Sandeul talks about this on the October 4 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song At Noon.”

DJ Kim Shin Young asks him what score he would give his solo album out of 10 and he answers, “I think about a seven. Just because I like the number seven. I haven’t thought about giving a score to the album. I just poured out all I had for this album.”

He also reveals his thoughts about sharing the charts with balladeer Park Hyo Shin, saying, “It’s difficult to really say it’s a competition. I’ve grown up listening to him, so I feel nothing but utmost respect for him. It is fascinating that I’m even on the same charts as him.”

Kim Shin Young then says, “I think you’re going to hit number one. What first place promise are you going to make?” to which he answers, “I have not thought about it yet but if I get first place, I will do the song by singing the musical note [instead of the lyrics].”

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