2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon Assures That He’ll Work Hard On Relationship With Wonder Girls’ Yeeun

Recently, Jeong Jinwoon shared his thoughts on his relationship with Wonder Girls member Yeeun on Olive TV’s “Let’s Meet Up At 8” (tentative title).

Jeong Jinwoon

During the episode, Jeong Jinwoon speaks with Tak Jae Hoon, who tells him, “It’s okay if you get married.” He also gives Jeong Jinwoon a flower basket as a congratulatory gift!

Tak Jae Hoon Jeong Jinwoon

Jeong Jinwoon shares his feelings on the announcement of his relationship, saying, “I’ll work hard so that I won’t disappoint everyone.” When Tak Jae Hoon asks what kind of disappointment he’s referring to, Jeong Jinwoon hints at common reasons for breaking up, saying, “Either saying things like we’ll remain as good colleagues or personality difference related things.”

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