Park Kyung Reveals Racy Nature Of DMs He Receives From Fans

On the October 5 episode of MBC program “Radio Star,” Block B member Park Kyung appears as a guest and turns heads when he talks about the racy nature of direct messages he receives from fans on Instagram.

During the show, MC Kim Gura asks, “Park Kyung, apparently you receive fan letters through SNS direct messages?”

Park Kyung nods, and Kim Gura continues, “And from those [letters], we’ve heard there a lot that are 19+ and make you flustered?”

“There are so so many,” Park Kyung affirms. He explains, “Instagram lets people send me direct messages even if I don’t follow them, so [those messages] just appear. I’ll get a notification saying that I’ve received a photo from a fan… and [when I open it], I’ll see a nude body with my name written across it. [The fan will write], ‘It’s my present to you.'”

Block B Park Kyung

Kim Gura asks, “Haven’t you publicly said you don’t like that type of stuff?”

“Yes, I have about sasaeng fans, but…” Park Kyung says.

“So you haven’t rejected the photos?” Kyuhyun asks.

“I haven’t rejected the photos,” Park Kyung replies.

The MCs ask, “So are you still receiving the photos? Do you keep them? Do you delete the photos or save them?”

“I don’t save them, but I don’t delete them and leave them on my Instagram ID,” Park Kyung says.

Kyuhyun can’t help but ask, “Do you look at them from time to time?”

Park Kyung laughs and says, “No I don’t look at them from time to time.”

What are your thoughts on fans sending these types of DMs to their idols?

Meanwhile, you can watch the full episode of “Radio Star” featuring Park Kyung on Viki below!

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