8 Things We Should Have Been Told Before We Entered The K-Pop World

The world of K-pop is addictive, and it is growing rapidly as more and more people are joining the Hallyu wave. However, there are a few things we would have liked to have known before we joined this entertaining industry.

You need to learn a whole new lingo

There are so many terms used to refer to things in the K-pop industry. Maknae (the youngest), hyung (term used by males to refer to older male friends), noona (term used by males to refer to older female friends), aegyo (acting cute), comeback, and bias are just a few!

Honestly, after seeing idols doing aegyo so much, the term easily comes to mind!

Patience is a must

Still waiting for BIGBANG’s next album…

You’ll end up spending a lot of money

Will any of us have money left after the October comeback rush is finally over?



That is not even talking about how expensive concert tickets can be!

Entertainment will be found in the most outrageous things

How many of us have cringed while watching our favorites participate in the most outlandish activities?

Sometimes it gets so out of hand that members even feel the need to apologize to their parents!

You’ll see K-pop everywhere

Are there really any EXO fans that do not think of Lay when they see a unicorn now?

Or there is this funny video of K-pop YouTuber J.R.E experiencing exactly what we’re talking about!

There must be no way to escape from K-pop!

K-pop leads to a K-drama addiction

Why did we ever start watching that drama our favorite idol was in? If only someone could have warned us beforehand!


Our boyfriend and girlfriend standards will never be the same

If only everyone was so beautiful and talented…


There’s no way out, but that’s okay

There is never ending entertainment to be found in the Korean music and entertainment industry. When it begins to calm down for a moment something is sure to happen to keep us interested. We still have not found a way to escape the K-pop fandom, but we are not trying very hard either. Why should we? When we can find also so many positive aspects of being part of the Hallyu wave!

Watch this beautiful FMV for a small taste of the K-pop world that has trapped our hearts!

How many of these K-pop fandom realities do you relate with? Let us know in the comments!

t0ky0nights is a K-pop enthusiast whose interests include many forms of Japanese, Chinese, and Korean entertainment. She can be found dancing or writing articles, and lyrics most of the time. Check out her monochrome Instagram account here.

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