BTS’s Jimin And Jungkook Design Cute Selfie Filters For Mobile App

BTS member Jimin and Jungkook’s own creations are now available as selfie filters on Snow, a popular imaging messaging app in South Korea that’s similar to Snapchat.

Jimin personally drew caricatures of himself and Jungkook, and in a video released via BTS’s official Twitter on October 10, Jimin and Jungkook play with the filters.

“Everyone, I drew these,” Jimin says in the video.

“Isn’t the body [your character] too much?” Jungkook asks, referring to how muscular his own caricature looks.

“I drew it well,” Jimin says cheekily.

BTS also uploaded preliminary drafts of Jimin’s caricatures.

In another video, Jimin plays with a filter that Jungkook designed. The selfie filter consists of lots of facial hair and glasses, and Jimin tries it on myself and J-Hope for size.

Did you enjoy the filters?

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*The article has been edited for accuracy.

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