PENTAGON’s Hong Seok And Jin Ho Reveal How They Came To Cube After Leaving SM And YG

PENTAGON’s Jin Ho and Hong Seok recently shared how they ended up at Cube Entertainment.

The rookie group PENTAGON held a showcase where they talked about their debut track “Gorilla.” During the showcase, Jin Ho and Hong Seok talked about leaving SM and YG Entertainment.


Jin Ho shared his reasoning, saying, “I was a trainee for six years at SM, which is such a good company. But in the end they had a different path in mind, so I left on good terms. Then I got a call from Cube and received a chance to audition.”

Hong Seok also revealed his reasons, saying, “I was part of the iKON survival show ‘Mix and Match’ where I got eliminated. Even at that time, I wasn’t really considered to be young for an idol. Thinking about watching the seniors debut and wondering when it would be my turn made me too afraid to remain in the company. When I found the music I wanted to do, I left the company and ended up meeting with Cube while I was looking for other agencies.”

Meanwhile, PENTAGON also shared how they felt to have seniors such as BEAST and BTOB during their showcase.

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