Giveaway: Soompi Through The Years + New Makeover!

Hey Soompiers!

You may have noticed some changes on Soompi – that’s right, we’ve finally given ourselves a makeover! If you want to get all the details on the new look and the new features, head to the second page of this article.

As one of the oldest sites on the web (according to me and the fact that we were founded in 1998), Soompi has seen more than its fair share of makeovers. Sometimes, we like to sit back and enjoy the old designs that were definitely (according to our founder Soomp herself) the absolute hippest of the hip 10+ years ago.

Let’s take a quick moment to gaze lovingly at the original Soompi (and please let us know if you remember any of these designs!):














2010-soompi-site (1)

2011- Literally Today


Despite all of the cosmetic changes, one thing that hasn’t changed on Soompi is the people that make it what it is. We’re talking about all of you Soompiers who have stayed with us from the days of blogs, then forums, then news. Fun fact: our founder, Soomp, is still part of the team and, though her bias group continues to change since her early H.O.T days, she’s still keeping up with the K-pop scene.

Soompi has always been a community website that has taken pride in every single person that makes up our community. And to celebrate the heart of Soompi, you, we are giving away special goodie bags to celebrate our makeover and launching the newest iteration of Soompi.

Want to win a bag full of Soompi swag worth over $100, which includes “K-pop Trash” merch, throwback albums like SHINee’s “Hello” and 2NE1’s 1st Mini Album, makeup from our brand partner Soko Glam, and ROOY’s official Running Man shoes? Enter below:

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Welcome to the breakdown of the new Soompi site! There are a bunch of new features that we’ve added to continue making Soompi your favorite site on the web.

The first feature spotlight is on… reactions! Sometimes you read an article and want to let us know what you think of it but don’t have the time to formulate an intelligent comment. We’re here for you! That’s why we’ve added a new module that will let you react to new with a simple click. Is it a comeback and you’re in love? Or is it a scandal and you’re heartbroken? Let us know using the widget!


Avid commenters will also notice that we’ve switched our commenting software to Facebook comments. We chose Facebook comments to ensure that the commenting section continues to be a positive space for our readers. From our past experience with Facebook comments, we know that trolling and negative behavior is drastically reduced by using that platform. We know it is a big change from Disqus, but we hope that everyone understands why we made the change.

UPDATE (10/14): Disqus is back! While the site structure seemed to have been a hit, changing over to Facebook was a miss for many of you, and we hear you! Originally, our thoughts on changing our commenting system to Facebook was to encourage a more positive atmosphere. To keep in line with our community guidelines, we will be lightly moderating Disqus comments for negative behavior (personal attacks, discrimination, trolling, etc). Thanks so much to everyone who took the time out to send us feedback on our new site!

Another change is more feature content on the homepage. While we still cover all the latest news, we also have an amazing team working on special feature content that is unique to Soompi – listicles, quizzes, and articles that speak to the fan in all of us. We want to give all of the fun stuff more time to shine, so you’ll see a lot more feature content when you go to

The final major change we’ve made is switching our authors names from their Soompi username to their real name. We hire real, living, breathing fans to write for us and we want to showcase them and their talent as much as we can. Thus, we’ve made the switch away from usernames. We hope that you continue to support our writers and give them extra love now that we’ve made the switch!

If you have any questions about the redesign please feel free to comment below or contact us.

Thanks Soompiers!

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