Sandara Park Unleashes Her Inner “Bobby” When She (Kinda) Sees iKON At Store

No one can imitate someone from YG Entertainment better than a YG family member themselves.

Sandara Park proves just that when she reacts in a hilarious way to seeing a Japanese magazine featuring iKON during her trip to Tokyo.

She first shares a collage of the exact moment, and writes, “Oh, it’s iKON. Hi!!!”

However, it’s the next photo she reveals that’s really the kicker. She puts on her best “swag” face and explains that she’s copying iKON member Bobby’s signature pose in honor of “meeting” the group at the convenience store. Sandara Park also adorably spells out, “H-I-P H-O-P” in Korean as if she was rapping.

편의점에서 만난 바비 포즈 따라잡기 ?? 에이치아이피 에이치오피

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Do you think Sandara Park pulled off the “Bobby pose” well?