MADTOWN’s Jota Shocks Kim Jin Kyung With News Of Military Service?

On the newest episode of “We Got Married,” MADTOWN’s Jota tries to pull a quick one on his virtual wife, Kim Jin Kyung, but she is not easily fooled!

During the show’s October 15 episode, the couple decides to go on an autumn trip to enjoy the good weather. Although they become disappointed when they realize they both forgot to prepare snacks for the ride, Jota assures her, “It’s more important that I’m going there with you,” as she blushes next to him.

In an interview with the writers, Jota reveals that he wanted to do something for his “wife,” and thought a trip would be a good idea.

MADTOWN Kim Jin Kyung Jota

As they excitedly drive out to a farm in the countryside, Jota suddenly takes on a serious tone as he tells his wife, “You know, I have something to say…”

He continues, “I received a draft notice from the government for my mandatory military service. This is our farewell trip.”

Kim Jin Kyung is shocked speechless and just says, “No.. that’s a lie..” She begins to ramble on in confusion, but then, much to Jota’s surprise, she composes herself and coolly tells him to go and come back safely.

The idol is disheartened by not getting the reaction he wanted, but is taken aback when Kim Jin Kyung continues, “You told me this before.. You said you’re going on ‘Real Men!’

Looks like Jota foiled his own prank! Check out the cute scene as well as the rest of the episode on Viki below:

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