Watch: PENTAGON Talks Pre-Filming Excitement, Bromance, And More In Making-Of Video For “Gorilla” MV

CUBE Entertainment’s new boy group PENTAGON has shared a making-of film for their debut MV!

PENTAGON made their debut on October 10 by releasing the music video for their track “Gorilla.” Just less than a week later on October 16, the ten-member group uploaded a video that shows fans behind-the-scenes of the filming of “Gorilla.”

First off, Wooseok, Shinwon, and Yuto talk a bit about their sleeping habits in the dressing room, and reveal that their fellow member Yeo One is the one who sleeps the most. Shinwon says, “He can fall asleep in any position!” and Wooseok jokes that he could probably sleep standing up. Despite this, Yeo One later says that he found it hard to sleep the night before because he was so excited and nervous about the filming. E’Dawn also admits that he’s tired because he couldn’t get to sleep due to excitement!

There are plenty of other cute and fun moments in the video, such as a mischievous Yuto seeing how a sleeping Wooseok will react to the smell of a choco pie under his nose, Yeo One and Hongseok talking about how they’re very close but live in different dorms so they meet each other in a playground to hang out (calling it their “secret rendezvous”), and much more.

Check it out below!