18 Eerie K-Pop Music Videos To Spook You Into The Halloween Spirit

With Halloween here, what better way to get you in the mood than a few spooky K-pop music videos! Check out this round-up of some of the most horror-inducing, creepily stylish K-pop music videos below, and prepare to find your own Halloween costume inspiration along the way.

SHINee – “Married to the Music”

Despite its 2015 summer release, this SHINee music video is practically made for Halloween. It’s spooky, quirky, and hilarious — and it even plays like an ’80s sci-fi cult film, too.

2NE1 – “It Hurts”

If you’re still wondering what your Halloween costume should be, this 2NE1 music video will definitely answer that for you. The outfits, the hair, and the setting are all a flawless blend of eerie and couture. Even when Halloween’s over, the soulful harmonies will still soothe you for the entire fall season.

VIXX – “Voodoo Doll”

Is any Halloween list complete without VIXX? Of course not, which is why this music video is the perfect Halloween essential. The opening few seconds of “Voodoo Doll” will make you squirm no matter how many times you watch it, and it’s a classic example of why VIXX are still the reigning kings of dark concepts.

BIGBANG – “Monster”

This 2012 music video showcases the BIGBANG members going all out with their individual interpretations on “monster” characters. Boasting impressive special effects and trendsetting style, “Monster” is just the right blend of BIGBANG’s artistry and eerie, studio-quality visuals.

Sunmi – “Full Moon”

Sunmi is an alluring vampire in the music video for her solo single “Full Moon.” It’s like a mini horror flick spliced with Sunmi’s seductive dancing, complete with a dreamy and captivating sound.

G-Dragon – “She’s Gone”

Remember that time G-Dragon stalked a girl through a creepy maze and then murdered her? It’s definitely one of the more frightening solo music videos he’s released, and it’s guaranteed to get you in the Halloween mood.

Sunny Hill – “Pray”

I know Halloween is only supposed to spook you, but this music video for Sunny Hill’s “Pray” will probably make you cry, too. More than just a heartbreaking tale of a misfit mutant, this music video also showcases complex imagery on science and religion.

Boyfriend – “Bounce”

We really don’t give Boyfriend the credit they deserve. Underrated concept idols themselves, Boyfriend gives us their ghastly twist on the “Alice in Wonderland” tale in their music video for “Bounce” below.

T-ara – “Lovey-Dovey”

Known for always dropping party-worthy dance tracks for us to jam to, T-ara switches things up with the zombie version of their music video for “Lovey-Dovey.”

Highlight – “Shadow”

With stunningly dark visuals fitting for a song titled “Shadow,” Highlight excels once again with the music video for the catchy 2013 hit.

JYJ’s Kim Junsu – “Flower”

This one is a masterpiece. From its elaborate imagery to Kim Junsu’s hauntingly rough and beautiful vocals, “Flower” is a royal take on a subtle (yet chilling) story-based music video.


If you haven’t decided on your Halloween costume yet, TWICE is here to give you tons of inspiration. The music video for their recent comeback “TT” emulates everything there is to love about Halloween, and this list wouldn’t be complete without it.

2PM – “My House”

On the surface, this music video looks like a classic retelling of the beloved Cinderella fairytale. But once you really look at why the 2PM members want to take the woman home, you realize that it’s less of a “happily ever after” and more like the beginning of a princess’s worst nightmare.

QUEEN B’Z – “Bad”

A vampire tale like no other, girl group QUEEN B’Z brings the scares in the music video for their 2013 single “Bad.” Their powerful vocals, enriched storyline, and startling imagery makes this music video a Halloween essential.

BTOB – “Thriller”

Before they dazzled us with stellar ballads, BTOB donned dark makeup and danced in a cemetery for their 2013 track “Thriller.” If the cemetery and aged skeletons don’t spook you, the group’s blindingly bright eyes sure will.

4Minute – “Volume Up”

4Minute transforms into mesmerizing vampires in the music video for their super addictive 2012 single “Volume Up.” Dazzling us with dark visuals and top tier style, this music video still easily stands as one of their most memorable.

VIXX – “Hyde”

Never enough VIXX when it comes to a list like this. Returning for their well fleshed-out interpretation of the literary classic “Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde,” VIXX hypnotizes us yet again with their ghastly music video for “Hyde.”

Block B – “Jackpot”

Creepy clowns run rampant in this circus-inspired music video for Block B’s “Jackpot.” The outlandish antics the boy group gets in around the circus almost makes you want to take a visit. But once they start throwing knives at actress Kim Sae Ron, you’ll be glad you stayed home.

What’s your favorite Halloween K-pop music videos? Let us know in the comments below!

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