Watch: Lee Jong Suk And Taeyang Show Zion.T Some YG Family Love On “Fantastic Duo”

During the October 23 broadcast of SBS’s “Fantastic Duo,” Zion. T receives the love and support of two very welcome people.

As the show’s premise is for amateur singers and artists they admire to collaborate together on a duet performance, potential candidates are asked to send in videos beforehand through the Everysing app. Before a pre-determined deadline, the general public can also vote on their favorite submissions. The show’s staff then compiles a video based on certain criteria, from which the designated singer chooses his/her partner.

Anyone can send in a video, which means sometimes, there are a few submissions that come from the guest artists’ close friends, or even celebrity fans.

For Zion.T, people were asked to sing their own rendition of “Eat,” one of his most popular songs.

About a minute into the song, a video sent in by Lee Jong Suk makes a surprise appearance! Adorably calling the singer “on.T,” the actor greets his friend before breaking out into song, sort of.

Lee Jong Suk Zion.T

The actor smiles as he sings with the most monotone voice ever, before winking at the camera. He may be tone-deaf, but his support is definitely wonderful to see.

The clip goes on, showing other submissions from some amazing amateur singers, when another familiar face pops up. None other than BIGBANG’s Taeyang, he greets his fellow labelmate before crooning a line of “Eat” as well.

Taeyang Zion.T

Happy to see yet another one of his friends, Zion.T flashes a big thumbs up before the video changes scenes.

Watch Lee Jong Suk, Taeyang, and the rest of the talented contestants below!

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