Ha Ji Won, Chun Jung Myung, And Bolin Chen’s Film Reveals Poster

The murder-romance film “Risking Life for Love” starring Ha Ji Won, Chun Jung Myung, and Bolin Chen will be coming out soon!

On October 27, it was announced by Opus Pictures that the film will be released this December.

In a fun and exciting mix of murder and romance, “Risking Life for Love” tells the complicated and sweet story of three people who begin an informal investigation into a murder case that stirs the country.

Ha Ji Won’s character, Jane, is a mystery novel writer who dreams of writing a bestselling hit, while Chun Jung Myung plays Seol Rok Hwan, a cop hopelessly in love with Jane. Meanwhile, Bolin Chen portrays Jason, a mysterious and charming man.

In the teaser poster, the three lead actors eye the camera meaningfully while they lay on the ground. Their bodies are outlined as if they are at the scene of a crime, and across the center, the text reads, “Murder scene. The pounding of the heart has begun.”

The poster also shows Ha Ji Won and Chun Jung Myung’s wrists being linked by handcuffs, while a rose lays between Ha Ji Won and Bolin Chen, seemingly hinting at the relationships in their love triangle.

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