Update: IMFACT’s Jian And Ungjae Exude Charisma In Individual Teaser Photos

Updated November 5 KST:

IMFACT released more individual teaser images, this time for members Jian and Ungjae!

Jian 1 Jian 2 Jian 3 Ungjae 1 Ungjae 2 Ungjae 3

Original November 4 KST:

Rookie group IMFACT has released individual member teasers for their second single album.

Today, IMFACT unveiled images of member Leesang and Taeho through their social media, three photos each. The group is making a 180 degree turn from the image they initially debuted with, going for a darker and mature look.

The title song of the new album is “Feel So Good,” which is about growing pains and walking the path that one truly wants. Overall, the album seeks to show the growth and teamwork of the group. Their title of the album is written in hanja and stands for the one beautiful light formed by the gathering of different lights from all over, which represents IMFACT and its members. Written out in Korea, the word sounds like the Korean word meaning “Revolt.”

Check out the teaser images for Leesang and Taeho below!

IMFACT Leesang 1

IMFACT Leesang 2
IMFACT Leesang 3 IMFACT Taeho 2 IMFACT Taeho 3

IMFACT Taeho 1

The new album comes out November 11 November 11 at midnight KST.

Check out their previous teasers here.

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