BOYS24 Thanks BTS And VIXX For Their Warm Encouragement

BOYS24’s Unit Sky and Unit Yellow performed the digital single “E” on the latest episode of “M Countdown” on November 3 KST.

Backstage, they were able to meet their seniors in the industry, including VIXX, who had their comeback stage, and BTS, who had their goodbye stage for the music show. They took photos together, which were released on Boys24’s official Twitter, and the members thanked VIXX and BTS for greeting them warmly and cheering them on.

VIXX and Boys24

“Boys24” was initially a 2016 reality survival show produced by Mnet. Units were formed among a pool of 49 boys, with the winning units, after the survival show concluded, being able to perform and compete through concerts over the course of a year to later reveal the final members of a permanent boy group. The final surviving units were Unit Yellow, Unit Sky, Unit Green, and Unit White. All units are currently putting on performances at an exclusive BOYS24 concert hall in rotation.

BOYS24’s Unit Yellow was the final MVPs of the show and were able to release the single “E.” Upon the release of the track, it charted No.1 on Mnet’s music chart. For the “M Countdown” stage, however, Unit Yellow and Unit Sky performed.

For the rest of performances form this week’s “M Countdown,” check them out here.

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