Lee Kwang Soo Talks About Going Partially Nude In New Web Drama

On November 3, the web drama “The Sound of Your Heart” held a press conference with producing director (PD) Ha Byung Hoon, writer Jo Suk, and actors Lee Kwang Soo, Jung So Min, Kim Dae Myung, Kim Byung Ok, and Kim Mi Kyung.

Lee Kwang Soo plays the main character, Jo Suk, a would-be cartoonist. He said about his role, “I liked the webtoon a lot so I felt a little intimidated. I talked a lot with the director before the filming and received lots of support while filming as well.”

He added, “The director told me before we started that there was a little nudity so I tried to prepare my mind. I assumed it would be my upper half, but it turned out to be my lower half. When I found that out, I had to prepare my body instead.”

“The Sound of Your Heart” will start airing every Monday through Naver TV Cast beginning on November 7. A TV version will air on KBS in December.

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