BTS Talks “Wings” Success And More With Fanboy Interviewer

BTS appeared on the November 5 episode of KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly” to talk about their second studio album, “Wings,” their success, and their goals.

It turns out the interviewer is also a fan of BTS, as he unveils he wearing a shirt with their picture on it, and he dons a headband with their sign.

bts entertainment weekly 1

The interviewer goes through a list of related search terms for BTS, one of which is Billboard. BTS had set a record by entering the Billboard 200 chart three times in a row, and by entering this time at No. 26, the highest for a K-pop group. Member Suga comments that they are honored and thanks fans for their love and support.

bts entertainment weekly 2

Next they talk about another record that BTS set, gathering 40 million views for their music video for “Blood Sweat & Tears” in the shortest number of days for a K-pop group. Rap Monster talks about how long the music video is, saying it is around 6 minutes, but the interviewer corrects, pointing out that it is exactly 6 minutes, 3 seconds long.

bts entertainment weekly 3

Turns out Suga didn’t think “Blood Sweat & Tears,” the title song of their new album, would do well since the name of the song was too dirty. But these days, whatever Suga says isn’t going to do well, does well.

Jungkook, the youngest of the group, also gets a chance to say something to his older members, asking them to please clean up after eating. It comes as a shock to the other members as he is given the chance to speak to them informally.

bts entertainment weekly 5

The members then get to talk about which search term they would like related to them, and it’s “Music from BTS I can always count on.” They would like the public to think “Ah, this is good music” whenever they brings out a new song.

The members also get to compete to have their solo song play at the end of the interview by forming the best acrostic poem with their group name. While Rap Monster’s is good, Suga forms a very unexpected poem about food which earns the laughter of everyone.

bts entertainment weekly 6

Suga wins, but since his song is censored from broadcast, he picks J-Hope’s solo song, “Mama.”

bts entertainment weekly 7

At the end of the interview, Suga, representing the rest of the group, asks for continuous support of their new album and their title track. As “Mama” comes out as promised, the members dance with J-Hope taking the lead.

bts entertainment weekly 8

Meanwhile, BTS had their final stage for “Blood Sweat & Tears” today on “Inkigayo.” Watch it here.