There’s A Hint Of (Wild) Romance In Latest “The Legend Of The Blue Sea” Trailer

The fourth teaser for “The Legend of the Blue Sea” is out!

This latest teaser continues to build the background story for Jun Ji Hyun’s character, who is a mermaid trying to adjust to human life in the modern times. In the teaser, you see Lee Min Ho’s character (Heo Joon Jae), a con artist, trying to figure out why Jun Ji Hyun is the way she is, asking if she came from the jungle or if she is a werewolf girl when she growls at fishes in a tank. Viewers are also teased with the beginnings of romance between the two characters who are linked by the past, with Jun Ji Hyun’s character having met Lee Min Ho’s lookalike during the Joseon dynasty. Whatever their past connection is, in the present, it looks like the con artist is in for a crazy and confusing ride, literally, with a mermaid!

The legend of the blue sea 4th teaser

“The Legend of the Blue Sea” premieres next week on Wednesday, November 16. Catch it exclusively on Viki!