“The Return Of Superman” PD Names The Actors He Wants On The Show

Kang Bong Gyu, the producing director (PD) of the popular KBS variety show “The Return of Superman,” has named the actors that he hopes to come on the show.

Kang Bong Gyu recently sat down to have an interview on Facebook Live to commemorate the show’s third anniversary. He revealed that, “Since the beginning of the show, there was someone I wanted to have on the show.” That person was actor Kim Sung Kyoon. Kim Sung Kyoon is the father of four children and the PD had hoped that the show would display a new side to the actor as a doting father.

Kang Bong Gyu continued, “I also wanted Kwon Sang Woo or Kim Kang Woo, but they both turned me down. If an opportunity arises, I want to film with them.” He revealed that stars feel burdened and pressured by coming on the show.

Kim Sung Kyun Kwon Sang Woo Kim Kang Woo

He also touched upon Sam Hammington and Lim Yo Hwan, who recently made appearances on the show, saying, “They featured on the show as guests but I think we’ll be able to continue to film with them as our family. We’ll have to see how it progresses. The possibility is there but nothing has been decided yet.”

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