12 K-Pop B-Tracks From 2016 That You Don’t Want To Miss

Another year of great songs is slowly coming to an end. (There’s still over a month left! Don’t panic.) We’ve been graced on music shows with some fantastic songs and entertaining music videos, but this isn’t all there is to our favorite musicians. There have also been tons of great B-tracks off these albums. Some may have even become your favorite over the title track. Some may have managed to stay on your playlist far longer than others. Here is a basic list of some B-tracks from top 2016 artists we recommend adding to your collection, if you haven’t already. Let’s get listening!

1. SHINee – “Prism”

The opening track of SHINee’s 10 of 10 album is a great way to start off this list. It’s catchy and shows off the colorful vocals that SHINee fans always appreciate.

2. BTS – “21st Century Girl”

After fans sent BTS messages regarding some of the controversial lyrics in “Hormone War,” their go-to girl song, BTS listened and responded with this fun song that more than makes up for past offenses. Well done, BTS!

3. Bolbbalgan4 – “Fighting Day”

This rookie duo is making a much deserved splash in the indie scene. “Fighting Day” is an up-beat song about a tumultuous relationship that may not last the test of time.

4. Apink – “Boom Pow Love”

This song by Apink features some impressive vocals and an addictive chorus.

5. GOT7 – “My Home”

This song is sure to get plenty of girls swooning, especially for GOT7. It was popular enough that the boys even performed it for fans at a fansign. How’s that for feels?

6. EXO – “They Never Know”

EXO has been a great provider of dance tracks this year, but sometimes it’s nice to be reminded of just how well they harmonize and blend their voices too. “They Never Know” is a great track for just that purpose.

7. ASTRO – “Morning Call”

This track off rookie group ASTRO’s first mini-album is a sweet song that showcases the group’s ability to harmonize. Listen to this acoustic version and hear for yourself.

8. Ailee feat. Eric Nam – “Feelin'”

Ailee. Eric Nam. Together. Need I say more?

9. Sandeul feat. Wheein – “Ya!”

Speaking of fantastic duets, have you heard this track off Sandeul’s solo album? It’s sweet perfection.

10. INFINITE – “Thank You”

The first time I saw this song live, not going to lie, I cried. The vocals are gorgeous and it’s nice to hear Hoya finally get the vocal lines he’s been working hard to earn.

Akdong Musician – “Green Window”

This up-beat all-about-life song challenged the duo’s musicality so much that they only managed a small piece of it at their public showcase in Seoul Forest. Hopefully, it also finds a special place in your heart.

Day6 – “Blood”

This track off Day6’s second album may be one of my favorite tracks and it’s great to see them continuing to grow in their music and expand their sound all throughout this album.

There are so many songs that deserve plenty of love this year, right? What are some of your favorite alternative tracks off some of the best-selling albums of 2016? Let us know in the comments below!

heytoto currently teaches ELL in Seoul, and when she isn’t waiting in line for something, can be found drinking a latte.