GOT7’s Jackson Checks Out His Body Like He Is “Watching A Movie”

In an interview with NewsAde released on November 19 KST, each member of GOT7 received the chance to answer some personal questions and share their honest thoughts and opinions. Here is the first part.

In addition to members talking about Mark’s goal to build up his body and gain weight, Yugyeom asks Mark when he feels most like hitting BamBam. When Mark answers “always,” Jackson exclaims that he feels the same way too and takes away the toy hammer from BamBam, preventing him from hitting Mark in retaliation.

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When it is BamBam’s turn, he is asked by Jinyoung what 2PM’s Nichkhun means to him. BamBam gets shy and Jackson teases him, instructing him to just say what he says everyday to the rest of the team. BamBam reveals that he and Nichkhun talk often these days, compared to the past when he was more scared of him, but now Nichkhun is like an older brother to him.

During his turn, Jackson stays humble when he reveals that he has never thought he is one of the most popular celebrities these days. He is just doing his best and the response has been good.

When asked to comment about winning first place, Jackson pours out his love for the team’s fans, IGOT7, saying that while GOT7 is important too, without the fans, they couldn’t have gotten No.1.

Jackson is also asked about his profound love for hats, and he confesses that it was extremely hard to let them go since he feels like they are a part of him. He reveals he feels less confident when dancing without his hat, but he stopped wearing it because fans asked him to.

When Yugyeom asks him if he has seriously danced in the bathroom, Jackson give a firm yes and reveals that he checks his body out for ten minutes, like he is “watching a movie,” in front of the mirror before he takes a shower.

Jackson wants to tease JB and asks if he dances in front of other groups to show off his skills. BamBam exclaims loudly next toJackson. JB, however, doesn’t give the answer that both Jackson and BamBam expect when he says he doesn’t.

Jinyoung asks if JB thinks he is more sexy or more cute, and Jackson squirms in the background, dying to hear JB’s answer. But JB seriously answers that he doesn’t think he is either and the other members are disappointed that they didn’t JB didn’t choose one.

What about you, Soompiers, cute or sexy for JB?

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