GOT7’s Jinyoung Reveals The “Naked” Truth About The Strange Way Members Tease Him

In an interview with NewsAde released on November 19 KST, each member of GOT7 received the chance to answer some personal questions and share their honest thoughts and opinions.

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Jackson really wants to know what Jinyoung thinks of him, and Jinyoung answers that Jackson is something like an older brother and sometimes like a younger one because he says outlandish things sometimes or whines.

Mark wants to know if Jinyoung ever though Jackson talked too much, and Jinyoung answers, “Every moment.”

BamBam wants to know when Jinyoung wants to hit Yugyeom. Jinyoung answers it is when he and BamBam come into his room and dance naked when he is on the phone. One wall in Jinyoung’s room is completely a mirror and when they come in like that when he is on the phone…Jinyoung has no words.

GOT7 3

JB asks Jinyoung if there is someone he wishes didn’t fool around so much. Jinyoung replies “no” since he is a bit on the serious side, he feels like he is more complete when there are people with more energy around him. BamBam then wants to know if they can fool around more then, to which Jinyoung quickly replies, “In moderation.”

Yugyeom gets teased about his love for Chris Brown when he is asked to choose between GOT7 and the American singer and he chooses Chris Brown. The members thought he would definitely choose Chris Brown. So Jackson asks what Chris Brown means to him, and Yugyeom answers he is the artist that made him want to be a singer.

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BamBam wants to know what he means to Yugyeom so he asks how Yugyeom would feel if he wasn’t around. Jackson replies, “He’ll live comfortably,” which earns him a hit from BamBam. Yugyeom answers that it will feel empty and boring without BamBam, and adds that he is a precious friend to him. For some reason, Jackson hugs JB in the background.

You can watch the interview below.

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