7 Rookie Groups To Check Out Before 2016 Ends

The K-pop industry is constantly changing as groups come and go, and there were a lot of new groups that debuted in 2016. Young and talented, some of these groups had us looking twice before we even realized it! This list is especially for all of the Soompiers that swear they will not stan another group, only to find themselves learning even more names and looking forward to another group’s comeback. Here are six rookie groups that we have fallen for; and we think you might too!



We first met the boys of VICTON in August under the name of Plan A Boys in the reality series “Me & 7 Men.” They are the first male group of Plan A Entertainment, and they began to make an issue while they were still trainees! They debuted recently, in early November, and have been promoting their title track “I’m Fine” since. Their first music video is light, fun, and surprisingly addictive!

However, if the cute boyfriend image is not your cup of tea then you can still be a fan of these handsome boys! They also released the darker performance trailer “What Time Is It Now,” that proves they can be exceptionally versatile. Just check out that sexy smoulder!


A second one for all the bad boy lovers!


Seriously, the members of VICTON might give us heart attacks if they ever decide to do an intense or dark comeback!



INX debuted in August, and are the new male group from NA Entertainment. From their teaser images to their debut music video “Alright,” they give off a mature and polished image. With impressive vocal skills, these five young men are winning over hearts with their striking visuals and classy themes. Check out their music video, if you are ready to start stanning yet another group!

Some of their fans even think that their music style feels like that of K-pop five to six years ago! Not only do the members of INX appear classy with a retro feel, they have been spotted displaying perfect manners towards their stylists as well.


Another one because we love them so much!


Hopefully their manners and thoughtfulness will serve them well, and we will see much more of this group in the future.



The largest entry on this list is CUBE Entertainment’s new boy group PENTAGON, which has a whopping total of ten members! They debuted in October, but not before they filmed the reality show “Pentagon Maker.” During this reality show they completed missions to help them become better artists, and three of the ten members were eliminated. Eventually the group announced their official debut with all ten members in the final line up. While no one knows exactly why they got to keep all of their members, fans suspect it was because of how adamant the whole group was that they needed to stay together! Having already survived their first crisis, the large group impressed with their powerful debut music video “Gorilla.”

Despite their charismatic image while performing, these boys are energetic, bright, and endlessly entertaining in real life! The members of PENTAGON constantly show an overwhelming amount of affection; it is no wonder that they are fiercely loyal and quite attached to one another.


It is nice to see a group where the members are close friends on and off the stage!


We are excited to watch PENTAGON’s camaraderie continue, with their catchy comback “Can You Feel It”!



FNC Entertainment’s first male idol “dance” group, SF9, also debuted in October! Composed of nine members, SF9 competed with a band in the reality series “Dance Or Band” for their chance to debut. They eventually won the series, under the watchful eyes of senior musicians at FNC Entertainment, and started working tirelessly towards their debut. They also have a charismatic image, but where they shine the most is in their powerful choreography! Check out what we are talking about in their debut music video “Fanfare.”

Even though SF9 was presented as a dance group, their stunning performances and ingenious choreography has exceeded expectations!


Every step they take on stage is executed with so much precision and force!


There really is no way to go wrong with stanning SF9, as they have a great dynamic in the group and professional performances, despite their rookie status!



The rookie group of Fantagio Entertainment, ASTRO is an enthusiastic six member group. Not only did they star in the reality series “Astro OK! Ready” before their debut, they also starred in their own web drama “To Be Continued.” Both of these productions allowed fans to enjoy the members’ youthful images before their official debut in February of this year. They have kept their pure image consistent, and have recently comeback with their third mini album and music video “Confession”!

These boys are so bright that they almost seem to have a healing quality coming from their smiles. Try not to get too overwhelmed by all of their cuteness!


All of them are so blinding, we totally fell for these talented boys right away!



The oldest rookie group on this list, IMFACT debuted in January of this year. They are under Star Empire Entertainment and they originally had a youthful image in their debut music video “Lollipop.” Fans were blown away with their drastic concept change when teasers for their first comeback were released. The sudden strong hip-hop vibe immediately caught our attention and we absolutely love their newest music video “Feel So Good”!

Their performance version of “Feel So Good” does an amazing job of showcasing their groovy choreography. They even released a version where all five members are in suits!



The latest group on the scene is K.A.R.D, a four-member co-ed group from DSP Media. The group includes Somin, a finalist from the Baby Kara project, and a former member of the girl group APRIL.

K.A.R.D has received a great response upon their debut on December 13 with the song “Oh NaNa,” and we can’t wait for what they’ll be coming out with next! The group will be releasing three project albums, each featuring a new “hidden card” artist.

Which of these rookie groups are you the most excited about? Let us know in the comments!

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