CL And Sandara Park Write Heartfelt Letters To Blackjacks On Twitter

Blackjacks were left stunned when YG announced on November 24 that 2NE1 would be officially disbanding.

CL and Sandara Park took to Twitter to pen heartfelt letters to their distressed fans. First was CL, who posted her letter in English with the words, “I’m always grateful.”

Sandara Park soon followed with a handwritten note which read, “To my dear Blackjacks… I didn’t know I’d be writing you a letter like this. First of all, to our fans… I’m sorry for making your hearts ache, I’m sorry for not being able protect you, and I’m so sorry for hurting you. Thanks to you, the past 7 years have felt like a dream, and will be remembered as happy and good memories. Chaelin, Bom, Minzy, and I… The four of us will be eternally grateful and cherish all the time we spent together.”

She continued to write, “Blackjacks… have always loved us, supported us, and protected us. We wanted to give you guys some great music one last time to show our gratitude, but I’m so sorry that we unfortunately were unable to… I know it hurts right now… but I hope you will all be strong, be brave, eat well, and do your best. My feelings for you all will never change. I will do my best to only show you good things. Words cannot express my gratitude for you. Thank you so much for your love, [you’ve given me] more than I deserve.”

She ended her letter with the words, “Written in November 2016, to be remembered as the loneliest of winters… 2NE1’s fresh vocals, Dara.”