Park Bom Addresses 2NE1 Disbandment In Heartbreaking Letter To Fans Around The World

On November 30, Park Bom took to Twitter to share her thoughts with fans regarding 2NE1’s disbandment.

Park Bom took a photo of a letter she penned herself, which reads, “Fans~ Around the world.. Hello this is Bom, whom you fans have always loved and protected… Our Blackjacks! You really waited so long for us… It’s regrettable… and I have nothing to say other than sorry… It hurts a lot… but I wanted to write a letter…”

The singer continues, “What I can say right now… is that I did my best… I waited, anticipated, and prepared various things to show our fans… but things in this world don’t seem to happen the way I’d like them to…”

“It’s not like we did this half-heartedly for a few years… So how can we erase everything in one fell swoop… T.T??… What to do… T.T Although it’s upsetting… I will strive to never forget our ‘memories,'” Park Bom writes. “All our happy moments and joyful times… T.T Although I’m shedding bitter tears… I will keep them in my heart.”

“When I think about parting ways with Dara, Chaerin, and Minzy, I become speechless… I suddenly can’t breath… I can’t write anymore because it hurts too much… The four of us… ” Park Bom continues. “‘Because we had you, we could do anything…’ I won’t forget you… Thank you… T.T””

Meanwhile, CL and Sandara Park previously uploaded their own letters to fans in response to confirmation of 2NE1’s disbandment earlier this week. You can read CL and Sandara Park’s letters here.

What is your response to Park Bom’s letter?