Kim Gura Comes Under Fire For His Comments About BTOB’s Peniel

Kim Gura is being criticized for mentioning an “idol with hair loss” on “Radio Star.”

On November 30, Sechs Kies made a guest appearance on an episode of “Radio Star” titled “Now, Here, Us, Radio Star…Four Words.”

While talking about Kang Sung Hoon, who dyed his hair pink, Kim Gura suddenly and quite randomly brought up BTOB’s Peniel, stating, “Wasn’t there an idol on another program recently, who said he’s suffering from hair loss even though he’s in his early twenties?”

When Kyuhyun asked, “Are you talking about BTOB’s Peniel?” Kim Gura nodded and said, “But I see that none of you [Sechs Kies] are suffering from hair loss though you’re in your forties.”

Peniel recently appeared on KBS’s “Hello Counselor” and opened up about suffering from hair loss due to stress. His fellow members and fans felt sad and sympathetic towards Peniel as he spoke of how hard it was to deal with the situation.

Viewers were not impressed with Kim Gura bringing up Peniel’s struggles out of the blue, calling it “inappropriate.”

Do you think that Kim Gura was out of line for his comments about Peniel?

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