Lee Kwang Soo Keeps His Promise With Sweet Fan Event

The Prince of Asia is out keeping promises and spreading happy vibes.

King Kong Entertainment released photos from the fan event that was held on December 2 to commemorate “Sound of The Heart” reaching 1 million views.

At the press conference for “Sound of The Heart,” Lee Kwang Soo promised to hold a fansign event if the web drama reached 1 million views on the first day. The web series was released on November 7 and reached the goal in just 10 hours. The series has since amassed approximately 20 million views and set a record for most views for a web drama series.

Lee Kwang Soo invited 200 fans through the official homepage of “Sound of The Heart” and held his fansign event as promised. He wore a yellow sweater he wore in the web drama, and stated, “Thank you for coming despite the cold weather. Please continue to give ‘Sound of The Heart’ your love.”

Lee Kwang Soo 2

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