EXO’s Suho And BTS’s V Shower Each Other With Compliments

Mnet released its behind-the-scenes episode of its year-end awards ceremony, the 2016 Mnet Asian Music Awards (hereafter 2016 MAMA), which took place in Hong Kong on December 2 KST.

In the episode, fans saw various groups prepare for the ceremony, as well as their reaction to other performers and interactions with each other. One of the cutest interactions was the one between EXO’s Suho and BTS’s V.

In the scene, as Suho is doing  his interview on winning, V walks up to Suho and hugs him tightly. Suho congratulates BTS on their award and adds that his heart hurt because of V’s wings being clipped; he is referring to the scars on V’s back that were shown during BTS’s performance. V says Suho was the coolest with his move when each EXO member was bathed in a blue spotlight. Suho becomes shy when V keeps expressing how awesome he thought Suho was.

bts mama Exo mama

As if it is a compliment relay, Suho then talks about V’s upcoming drama – “Hwarang” – saying it looks like V practiced a lot. Both push each other affectionately in shyness, and they round it up by thanking and congratulating each other.

Can we have more of these interactions if they are going to be as sweet as this?

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