Block B’s Park Kyung Chooses Kim Ji Suk As “#1 Husband Material” And Explains Why On “Problematic Men”

Block B member Park Kyung reveals a new side of Kim Ji Suk!

During the filming of the upcoming December 11 episode of tvN’s “Problematic Men,” Park Kyung shares, “Kim Ji Suk said he was going to cook meat so he invited me over to his home yesterday. I saw a whole new side of him.”

The Block B member then explains, “Even though he lives alone, his house is neatly organized. I was also surprised to see that he cooks well. He’s number one in terms of husband material.”

block b park kyung kim ji suk

Park Kyung also mentions Kim Ji Suk’s sophisticated habits, such as not drinking ordinary bottled water and using herb salt. “It was very sweet,” Park Kyung comments.

Meanwhile, the episode will also feature one of the cast’s family members who will be making a special appearance on the show.

Do you agree with Park Kyung?

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