Ha Ji Won Clears Up Dating Rumors Between Her And Chen Bo Lin

Ha Ji Won confirms again that she and Chen Bo Lin are not dating.

In an interview for her upcoming movie “Risking Life For Love,” Ha Ji Won mentioned the rumors that said she was dating her co-star Chen Bo Lin. The rumors arose because both had posted some very similar photos on their social media accounts, which is often interpreted as a kind of secret communication between celebrity couples.

When asked if they became awkward with each other after the rumors surfaced, Ha Ji Won said there was nothing of the sort. She said, “I’m an easygoing person, and Chen Bo Lin is also the cheerful type, so we just laughed it off. It was a misunderstanding that happened because we like the same poses and things like that.”

She also said that she got along comfortably with the Taiwanese actor while filming. “We mostly communicate in English, but of course we use Korean sometimes too. Chen Bo Lin is really enthusiastic about learning languages. He would ask me to teach him,” she said. “[I told him to] tell me what he learned. Since he likes Korean food, he said ‘I like sesame oil.’ He’s always searching for good dining places.”

Ha Ji Won also revealed how considerate a partner Chen Bo Lin was, saying that he would always ask her if she was alright. The actress then added in embarrassment, “There was [also] a scene where he had to carry me, and even though he said he was fine, I could tell he felt that I was heavy.”

This is not the first time that the actress has stepped forward to address dating rumors between herself and Chen Bo Lin.

“Risking Life For Love” is a romantic thriller about three people who find themselves entangled in a serial murder investigation. Ha Ji Won plays Han Je In, a small-time mystery novel writer who is always suspecting her neighbors and causing a lot of trouble as a result. The film will begin showing in Korean theaters on December 14.

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