Chun Jung Myung Reveals He Once Dated The Daughter Of A Gang Member

Actor Chun Jung Myung proved that life does imitate art as he revealed he once dated the daughter of a gang member!

During an interview for his movie “Risking Life For Love,” he shared that he once risked his life for love a few times. He said, “An ex-girlfriend of mine was incredibly popular and had a lot of friends. I had heard that her father was scary, but I later found out that he was in a gang.”

He continued, “One time, she said that her parents left for a trip and so I went over to hang out. But suddenly, the parents came back into the house. I hid in the wardrobe, but it broke and I eventually got caught. I got beat up a lot. I felt like my life was in danger at that time.”

He also talked about his style of dating, revealing, “When I’m in a relationship, I’m a nice guy. Similar to my character in the movie, I try to match to my girlfriend. And so when I received this role, I was happy.”

“Risking Life For Love” will be released on December 14 and is a romantic comedy that also incorporate thriller elements as it tells the story of three individuals involved in a serial murder case. It also stars Ha Ji Won and Bolin Chen.

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