Giveaway: 2016 Soompi Forums Holiday Present Hunt!

Happy Ho-ho-holidays, Soompiers!

It’s that time of the year again! Are you ready for Soompi’s annual Holiday Present Hunt? Find the blue present boxes hidden within our forums and score a chance to win a fabulous prize! This year, we’re giving away a SIGNED Lucky Romance OST, an Uncontrollably Fond drama poster, a Cheese in the Trap notebook, AND a one month Viki Pass!

Are you excited now? Good! Because we are too!

Everyday for the next twelve days, a hint will be posted in our forum thread regarding the secret location of one sneaky present. Decipher the hint, hunt around the forums, and find your present within our threads! When you catch the hidden present, you can record the thread name and page number, copy the URL, and/or take a screenshot.

At the end of each round, where each round is three days long, a Google form will be posted for you to submit your answers. One winner, with all the correct locations, will be randomly selected each round until we have four winners!

All Soompiers are eligible to participate, but anyone found providing and/or soliciting answers will be disqualified. (Providing gentle hints is acceptable, but don’t be a grinch and steal the fun out of this fun-filled event!) For more information and detailed instructions, you can always visit the holiday present hunt thread here.

Our first clue is:

“My Heart, Remember Falling?
You and I Draw a Love

In the Illusion.

My Heart, Where are U?
Even Though it is a Lie,
Please Say Something.

Without You, My Heart,
but 143 – i love you.”
Soompiers, you’re on your own! Ready, set, hunt!

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