KNK Spill On What ASTRO, PENTAGON, and B.A.P’s Zelo Mean To Them

KNK is one idol group that is all about the bromance!

During the group’s appearance on Mnet’s “M!Countdown,” the boys sat down for an interview, where they opened up about their close relationship with PENTAGON and ASTRO.

When asked about their past collaborations with the fellow rookie groups, Seungjun commented that it is great their groups are all friends. He then went on to say that when they run into each other at broadcasting stations, they always do a lot of talking.

The member also joked that he was a little hurt when he heard this week was ASTRO’s last music show performance for their current single “Confession.”

“Since we first debuted, all of our promotional activities have been combined with ASTRO’s. When I heard this week was their last broadcast, I was really surprised. I thought we always did things together,” he added with a laugh.

When discussing who tends to motivate them, Heejun confessed that he was actually a huge fan of watching B.A.P’s Zelo perform.

“When I see more experienced artists, it feels like I have a lot of things to learn,” Heejun began. “I always watch recordings of Zelo’s rehearsal stages. He dances so well despite being so tall, and I always watch his stages inspired to be like him.”

The boys of KNK are currently promoting the single “U” off their second album, “REMAIN.”

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