Kim Jong Kook And PD Of “Running Man” Speak Up About The End Of The Show And Controversy

Earlier, fans shed tears as the end of the widely loved SBS variety show – “Running Man” – was announced.

The decision followed after an emergency meeting between the staff and cast over the controversy of Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook’s departure and the launch of “Running Man Season 2.” It was revealed earlier that the production side of the show had unilaterally decided on their departure. Although the staff had later issued an apology, the public expressed their disappointment and anger, casting a shadow over the launching of “Running Man Season 2.”

In an interview following the announcement, producing-director (PD) Jung Chul Min explained that the controversy largely arose from problems with communication while many things were being discussed regarding the direction of “Running Man.”

Jung Chul Min added, “It became awkward among us, when we had been like family. During the meeting, many asked, ‘How did it become like this?’ The cast and staff have been getting along like a family, so it doesn’t make sense that the [production side] would do that. Misunderstandings were caused by problems with communication.”

He continued, “It is regrettable that there were misunderstandings among us and people were hurt when we had been getting along so well. We asked among ourselves, ‘It shouldn’t be like this,right?’ and decided that we would end the show in February together and cleared up the misunderstandings.

Jung Chul Min revealed that currently the filming for next week is canceled and discussions will go on regarding the direction of the show till its end.

Kim Jong Kook’s side also commented on the end of the show, saying that Kim Jong Kook had met up with the staff and cast without his manager. He decided to stay with the show until its end in February because of loyalty after working with them for seven years. He isn’t disappointed in the staff over the situation; he only regrets that everything was clumsily done. He doesn’t see it as completely the fault of the production team.

“Running Man,” which began airing on SBS in 2010, will be coming to end near the end of February with all of the current cast together, including Song Ji Hyo and Kim Jong Kook. Gary had left the show earlier in October.

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