Director Of “Train To Busan” Reveals How Gong Yoo Was Cast As Lead Role

The reasoning behind choosing Gong Yoo for the main role in “Train to Busan” has been revealed!

On December 18, the director’s reasoning for casting Gong Yoo as the main role for “Train to Busan” was revealed on MBC’s “Section TV.” During the “Entertainment News Review” segment, it was revealed that one of the producing directors (PD) for Gong Yoo’s previous film, “A Man and a Woman,” was also a PD for “Train to Busan.” The PD liked Gong Yoo’s on-set attitude so much, that he wanted to work with him again. Gong Yoo was later cast for the film when the PD suggested the actor as the lead role for to the director, who took his suggestion.

Gong Yoo

During the segment, it was also revealed that Gong Yoo’s on-screen daughter (played by Kim Soo Ahn) was originally meant to be a son. However, when the director saw child actress Kim Soo Ahn audition, she was so good that he specifically changed the gender of the character so that she could be cast as the role.

Meanwhile, Gong Yoo stars as the goblin Kim Shin on “Goblin,” which airs every Friday and Saturday. Catch the show on Viki exclusively in Europe!Watch

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