Kwon Sang Woo’s Son Warns Him About Kiss Scenes

On the December 20 broadcast of “Video Star,” Kwon Sang Woo’s wife Son Tae Young appeared on the show and talked about her son Luke (Rook Hee).

MC Kim Sook started the conversation with, “I heard that Luke watches Kwon Sang Woo’s kiss scenes and tells him, ‘Dad, don’t kiss other people.'”

Son Tae Young Video Star

Son Tae Young explained, “It sounds like nagging to my husband if I say it. So I show the kiss scenes to my son on purpose. Then Luke would go to his dad and say ‘Don’t kiss other people.'”

Son Tae Young Video Star2

Hearing this, Park Na Rae asked, “Then what does Kwon Sang Woo say?”

Son Tae Young made others laugh by answering, “He says, ‘This is all business.”

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