Ha Ji Won Dishes On What Kind Of Friend Hyun Bin Is To Her

During a guest appearance on tvN’s “Life Bar” (tentative title) on December 22, Ha Ji Won opened up about her close friendship with former co-star Hyun Bin.

Affectionately referring to him as simply “Bin,” Ha Ji Won revealed, “[He] is my drinking buddy, and a very good friend. We have other friends we also drink with together. They’re not actors, but we often meet and drink soju over a meal of grilled pork belly (samgyeopsal).”

The two actors previously worked together on the popular romantic comedy “Secret Garden” back in 2010. When Ha Ji Won was recently, unintentionally dragged into a scandal surrounding Park Geun Hye during the “Gil Ra Im” controversy, Hyun Bin checked up on his friend to make sure she was okay.

It’s always nice to see co-stars continue to be such great friends!

Check out their amazing chemistry in “Secret Garden” (again) below:

Link to video: www.viki.com/videos/80215v-secret-garden-episode-1

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