Kang Dong Won, Han Hyo Joo, And More Cast In New Film “Golden Slumber”

On December 22, a film industry source reported that Kang Dong Won and Han Hyo Joo have been cast in the upcoming film “Golden Slumber.”

“Golden Slumber” is directed by No Dong Suk and is a remake of the 2010 Japanese film of the same name based on the novel by Isaka Kotaro. The film is about a mail courier who is falsely accused of assassinating a presidential candidate.

Kang Dong Won will play the role of Kim Gun Woo, the mail courier. Han Hyo Joo will play Sun Young, his first love and a traffic news announcer.

Other actors cast in the film are Kim Ui Sung, Kim Sung Kyoon, and Kim Dae Myung. Cho Seung Woo was rumored to have been cast as well, but a source from CJ Entertainment reported on December 22, “It is not true that Cho Seung Woo will be appearing in ‘Golden Slumber.’ We asked him if he was making at least a cameo, but even that is not true.”

Kim Dae Myung plays a divorce lawyer named Jang Dong Gyu, who was in a band with Gun Woo in university and is one of his close friends. Kim Sung Kyoon plays Geum Chul, a computer repairman, while Kim Ui Sung appears as the mysterious Min who tries to help Gun Woo after he is accused.

“Golden Slumber” is expected to start filming in early 2017.

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