Gong Yoo’s Character In “Goblin” Has Hilarious Reaction To His Own Hit Zombie Film “Train To Busan”

In the latest episode of “Goblin,” things get hilarious when Gong Yoo’s character goes to the movie theater to watch the actor’s huge hit film “Train to Busan.”


Gong Yoo’s character Kim Shin and Kim Go Eun’s character Ji Eun Tak go to the movies together in December 23’s episode of the tvN drama. As the pair sits in the theater before the movie starts, Kim Shin leans over and puts on a cool front as he says to Ji Eun Tak in a serious voice, “Don’t scream and make it awkward for other people. If you’re scared, tell me instead.”

However, it’s Kim Shin that ends up screaming in terror at the zombies on screen in Gong Yoo’s film “Train to Busan,” sending his popcorn flying and humiliating Ji Eun Tak to no end. “I want to get out of here!” he yells, before Ji Eun Tak covers his mouth and apologizes to everyone around them, while simultaneously trying to cover his eyes too.

gong yoo kim go eun goblin 2

“Goblin” airs every Friday and Saturday. Catch the show on Viki exclusively in Europe!


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