24 K-Pop And K-Drama Quizzes That Will Tell You Everything You Need To Know

Quizzes are one of our readers’ favorite categories to explore on Soompi, from testing their memorization skills to finding their K-pop BFF. Here, we revisit some from 2016 that helped advise you on your K-pop career, level up on your K-pop knowledge, and challenged us to find out more about you. Check them out below and see if played them all!

If you were to be a K-pop idol

First, ask yourself:

How Much Do You REALLY Love K-Pop?

Second, find out which K-pop group you should be in:

Which K-Pop Boy Group Do You Belong In?

Which K-Pop Girl Group Do You Belong In?

Third, find out what your role would be in that group:

What Would Your Role Be In An Idol Group?

Or even in a K-drama?

What Role Would You Play In A K-drama?

Finally, if you’re either a leader or maknae, find out which idol you would most be like:

Which Idol Group Leader Are You?

Which Idol Group Maknae Are You?

If you can’t join them, though…

How about be their BFF?

Who Is Your EXO BFF?

Or their twin?

Who Is Your K-Pop Personality Twin?

Or soulmate?

Who Is Your K-Pop Soulmate?

How about in a specific group?

Which GOT7 Member Is Your Soulmate?

Which MONSTA X Member Is Your Soulmate?

Which TWICE Member Is Your Soulmate?

How well do you know your K-pop and K-drama?

Imagine if we had asked you to name all the members of all those groups:

How Many K-Pop Groups Can You Name?

Okay, so you know the group names. How about their fan clubs?

Can You Name The Fan Clubs Of These K-Pop Groups?

Their logos?

Can You Recognize The Logos Of K-Pop Idol Groups?

How about K-drama? If you can still remember the lines, you’re a true addict:

Which “Descendants Of The Sun” Character Said These Lines?

How well do you we know you?

K-pop knows no age…

Can We Guess Your Age Based On Your Favorite K-pop Artists?

But maybe your zodiac sign:

Can We Guess Your Zodiac Sign Based On These K-Pop Questions?

How about your blood type?

Can We Guess What Blood Type You Are? 

We’ll be your Sorting Hat:

Which Hogwarts House Do You Belong In According To K-pop?

Or your matchmaker:

Which BTS Member Is Attracted To You?

Which BIGBANG Member Is Attracted To You?

Which K-Drama Relationship Is Most Like Your Relationship?