Fortune Tellers Suggest Kim Jong Kook And Song Ji Hyo Are The New “Monday Couple”

It seems the universe is in favor of Spartace.

The “Running Man” members had their fortunes told on the January 1 episode by both a traditional Korean fortune teller (saju) and a tarot fortune teller.

The traditional fortune teller told Kim Jong Kook that he would see positive new changes in 2017, and when Kim Jong Kook asked who he should follow, the fortune teller recommended Song Ji Hyo.

“Your marriage compatibility is 85 to 90 out of 100,” he said, much to everyone’s surprise. Amusingly, the members started encouraging them to get married, and Haha even pointed out excitedly that Song Ji Hyo has a lot of money, which would explain the fortune teller’s previous statement that Kim Jong Kook would become rich this year.

Lee Kwang Soo commented, “Gary would be sad if he saw this.”

The tarot cards also leaned towards Spartace, as the tarot fortune teller told Kim Jong Kook that his ideal partner was Song Ji Hyo. But fate is evidently a trickster, as the most ideal partner for Song Ji Hyo was Lee Kwang Soo, while Lee Kwang Soo’s most ideal partner was Yoo Jae Suk.

Watch the episode below!

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