Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun Playfully Tries To Summon “Goblin” Actor Gong Yoo

During an interview on January 5, Akdong Musician’s Lee Soo Hyun revealed her latest crush.

She started off by saying, “I’m sort of a romantic when it comes to guys. I fall for characters from cartoons and movies a lot.”

The singer then revealed, “Lately, I’ve been really awed by the character in ‘Goblin‘ played by Gong Yoo.”

In the drama, Kim Go Eun has the ability to summon Gong Yoo by blowing on a candle. With that in mind, Lee Soo Hyun jokingly confessed, “Just for fun, I once blew on a candle thinking of Gong Yoo. I did it with a little hope that he would appear right in front of my eyes.”

She concluded her thoughts on love by saying, “Falling in love at first sight is definitely romantic. I still have the emotions of a little girl. I’m the type of girl that dreams about having her first love.”

However, her brother and musical partner, Lee Chan Hyuk’s thoughts on love differed. He expressed that he had a more realistic perspective on love.

“If I’m interested in someone, but they don’t feel the same way, I move on without looking back,” he explained. “I’m not the type to go through pain just to maintain a relationship. Also, one-sided love isn’t really something I do.”

Akdong Musician recently came back with their second studio album “Winter,” which topped the charts in several countries. They kicked off their comeback with the release of a music video and “musical short film.”

Watch out for the talented duo as they continue to promote their new album!

Goblin” airs every Friday and Saturday. Catch the show on Viki exclusively in Europe!Watch

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