Watch: BLACKPINK’s Jisoo And Rosé Show Off Their Insane Talents In “Ventriloquism”

This may be a first for K-pop idols!

Jisoo and Rosé of BLACKPINK made an appearance on the January 11 episode of MBC’s “Radio Star,” where they shared never-before-heard personal stories as well as some rather unique talents.

The girls revealed that Jisoo often “stole” the other members’ personal talents for herself, like Rosé’s ventriloquy, or “a skill she’s been preparing just in case she gets kidnapped.”

Surprised to hear that they can perform such a difficult and unexpected act, the MCs immediately asked them to demonstrate.

Rosé puffed up her cheeks and then introduced herself, all while keeping her mouth closed. While not quite the traditional form of ventriloquism, the muffled speech is still easily discernible. Even more impressively, Jisoo also showed that she could also do the same thing.

While everyone else present in the studio tried to imitate the two idols, the results were a mix of humming and muted screams.

Check out them performing their amazing talent below!

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