Jang Hyuk Recalls Frightening Experience That Made Him Cut Down On Alcohol

During the January 12 episode of tvN’s “Life Bar,” actor Jang Hyuk appeared as a guest.

On the show, he stated, “I watched the broadcast with Jo Jin Woong. We watched it while drinking at home.”

When Shin Dong Yup asked if he and Jo Jin Woong are the same age, Jang Hyuk answered, “I also thought he was my senior at first. But Oh Ji Ho is the same age as me, and he spoke informally with him. I was comfortable with him being my senior, but he turned out to be my age.”

jang hyuk shin dong yup

The actor then spoke about his drinking habits, saying, “I can’t hold my alcohol well, so my friends and I have talked over coffee instead before.”

He recalled, “There was a time I fell on the subway tracks after drinking. I sent home my friends after drinking on the subway platform, but then I suddenly grew dizzy. I went to ride the subway alone, then I felt myself falling somewhere.”

“I saw a light far away and I thought that the employees were shining a light on me, but then I realized it was the light on a subway car,” he said. “I had fallen on the tracks. It was almost a terrible accident.”

Jang Hyuk shared how he changed after the experience and remarked, “I came to my senses then. After that, I completely stopped thinking about alcohol. I don’t drink much anymore.”

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