Interview: Soompi Awards Nominees IMFACT Talk 2017 And Sly Self-Promotion

IMFACT only recently debuted in 2016, but they were explosive enough to earn a nomination for “Rookie of the Year” in the 12th Annual Soompi Awards!

To celebrate their nomination, we sat down with them for an interview to put the spotlight on their achievements and to showcase the members’ personalities.

From bringing their parents to a deserted island to the places they most want to visit (get ready fans!) – the interview helped shine light on the secrets to their success and on the various quirks of the group. For one thing, they are experts at self-promo – seriously! It’s so natural we almost didn’t even notice it!

Check out the full interview, fall in love, and then head on over to the Soompi Awards voting page to support IMFACT in their goal of winning “Rookie of the Year”!