Hyun Bin Praises Girls’ Generation’s YoonA For Her Dedication Towards Acting

During an interview on January 13, actor Hyun Bin talked about his “Confidential Assignment” co-star Girls’ Generation’s YoonA and praised her hardworking mindset.

Hyun Bin said, “YoonA did really well on set. It’s not up to me to judge her acting skills. It was great to see her be so dedicated.”

He also complimented YoonA’s comical transformation in the film, saying, “She has played the main character in dramas and I think it was a good choice to pick this film to be her first. I loved seeing her work so hard and I’m looking forward to her future activities.”

“Confidential Assignment” (also known as “Cooperation”) is a film about a North Korean detective and South Korean detective working together on a case to catch a criminal gang. It will premiere to the South Korean public on January 18.

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