Baek Jong Won “Apologizes” To gugudan And I.O.I’s Kim Sejeong For Their Resemblance

On the recent episode of “Three Great Emperors” on January 14, celebrity chef Baek Jong Won introduced DIA’s Jung Chaeyeon and gugudan’s Kim Sejeong -who are also both I.O.I members- as his niece and daughter.

Three Great Emperors I.O.I 4

When the panel asked which one is his niece and which one is his daughter, Baek Jong Won joked, “The one who resembles me is my daughter.”

Three Great Emperors I.O.I 2

He apologized right after saying that, explaining, “I’m sorry towards Sejeong. Her nickname is me.”

Then Kim Sejeong chimed in saying, “You know, I did see a couple videos of you,” and did one of his impersonations which made everyone burst out laughing.

Three Great Emperors I.O.I 3

What do you think of their resemblance?

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