Interview: UP10TION Answers YOUR #AskUP10TION Questions (To Hilarious Results)

UP10TION recently had a stellar comeback with their album “BURST” and their title song “White Night.” To celebrate their comeback we wanted to sit down with them and learn all about how they had changed since our last interview right before their “Attention” promotions.

To make the interview more special, we asked you for your burning UP10TION questions on Twitter using the hashtag #AskUP10TION and we received a TON of great questions! It was actually nearly impossible to choose only a few questions to use for the final interview. In fact, this interview is part one of our UP10TION series, with individual questions to be answered soon in part two!

Our overall verdict is that UP10TION has not changed much since our last interview – they’re still wonderfully candid and extremely eager to tell their fans more about themselves. From who made the most epic NGs during the “White Night” MV filming to Sunyoul’s hilarious advice to help you gain confidence, the interview is full of the group’s usual antics that are (100%) guaranteed to bring a smile to your face (if not tears from laughing so hard).

Thank you, UP10TION fans, for submitting such great questions for the group! We’ll be uploading more snippets to our social media accounts and we’re preparing part two so you can hear from every member. Please enjoy the interview and prepare to be greatly amused: