CL Talks Dreams, Her US Debut, And A 2NE1 Reunion

CL recently spoke to Ilgan Sports in an exclusive interview and talked about her U.S. debut and a possible 2NE1 reunion.

When asked about the two years she’s spent in the U.S., CL said it was hard, going overseas alone and tackling everything head on. She said Yang Hyun Suk helped her out a lot, and that she did a lot of work with a lot of different teams for her U.S. debut.

CL compared her time in the U.S. to her time as a trainee: “When I first entered YG, I spent two and a half years as a trainee. During that time, I came into my own style and learned about the Korean music industry. I also spent two years preparing for my U.S. debut. I think of it like being a trainee again. I’m a rookie in the U.S. I learned how to make albums and how to communicate with American fans.”

But she’s still a rookie, she says; she hasn’t even started yet.

CL was worried about being forgotten after lack of promotions for so long, so she released “Hello Bitches” and “Lifted.” “Director Yang Hyun Suk was my support in Korea, while Scooter Braun booked shows for me. It wasn’t an official debut, but I’m so thankful,” said CL.

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Revealing her wishes 2017, she said, “This year, I’d like to officially debut, release an album, and do a lot of promotions. I would like it if fans weren’t in too much of a hurry and waited for me. I’ll repay everyone with a great album.”

On why she chose to tackle the U.S. market, CL said, “It’s my dream. When I was auditioning for YG Entertainment, I gave Yang Hyun Suk a demo tape. I still remember, but I said to him, ‘I want to become a pop star in America.’ I was 15. Truthfully, it’s not [debuting in] America that’s important, but I grew up with pop music because of my dad. Pop is what has influenced me the most in my musical career. I fostered my dreams listening to pop music, and I want to do pop music in the U.S.”

Talking about Yang Hyun Suk, CL said he’s like a dad to her, and while it may be a bit hard to get close to him because of all the guys at YG, he always listens and trusts her when she approaches him with an idea — like “Goodbye” — and he helps make it happen.

Yang Hyun Suk previously talked about 2NE1 reuniting like S.E.S, and when asked about this, CL agreed, saying, “I think it could happen too. Of course, all four of us would have to agree, and our situations have to allow it. But if that day ever comes, I’ll be so happy.”

CL said she’ll always be preparing for a possible reunion. “If we want to sing ‘Fire’ 20 years later, we’ll have to be fit. As you know, our songs are hard to sing, and the choreography is hard-hitting. I’ll be ready.”

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