“Infinite Challenge” Releases Official Statement Regarding Controversial Driving Behavior

After being criticized for the recent driving behavior shown in the latest episode, “Infinite Challenge” has released an official apology and an explanation.

On January 23, the production team for “Infinite Challenge” stated, “During the ‘Your Name’ episode, a clip showed the cast members being transported in a car that was reversing in a one-way street. After examining the original images, we were able to confirm it.”

The controversy began when viewers noticed signs of a one-way street during part of the episode. After the broadcast, the clip became controversial through social media.

Infinite Challenge

In regards to this, the production team stated, “At the time, only the boarded car was driving to the upper parking lot at Imjingak park. All the other cars were on standby in the lower parking lot. We think the staff was not fully aware that the boarded car was reversing on a one-way street.

“The concept of ‘Your Name’ was to go find locations through improvising. Because of the concept, the driver, who was not familiar with the area, made the mistake of reversing. The production team is deeply reflecting for not meticulously looking after the conditions on set.”

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